The different types of medals runners can earn in a marathon or trail run

Finisher medals

Finisher medals are the most common medals runners can earn in a marathon or trail race. These medals are given to the runners who managed to finish the race within the given time. Obtaining them is a real accomplishment, a symbol of determination and perseverance. Imagine the feeling of pride that invades a runner when he receives his finisher's medal, after months of hard training and kilometers covered.

The designs of these medals generally vary depending on the event and (this is where we come in to respond specifically to all requests 😎)

Age medals

Age medals are generally awarded to runners who finished first in their age category. Different groups make up these categories. Whether you are junior, senior or master, you can win the age medal. They are also very popular with runners looking to measure themselves against competitors of their generation; competition is for all ages!

Time Medals

Time medals are awarded to runners who finish within the allotted time. The times can be fixed by the organizers of the event, but also by the sports federations. The principle is simple, you are tough, you are persistent, you don't give up, in short, you beat the clock, you receive a time medal!

Finisher medals, age medals or medals, finally, there is something for everyone and that's why we love this sport!

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January 24, 2023