The 10 key steps to prepare for a trail

Trail running is physically and mentally challenging, but with the right preparation you can be up for the challenge. Here are the 10 key steps to help you prepare for your next trail run .

1. Set a goal

Before you start training, set a goal for your trail run. It could be just finishing the race, or improving your time, or winning a medal . Having a clear goal will help motivate you during training. Be careful though, it is important to set an achievable goal, but which is also a challenge.

2. Make a workout plan

Once you've set your goal, create a training plan that will help you achieve it. Be sure to schedule enough running workouts, as well as muscle-strengthening and stretching exercises to prevent injury. It is important to vary the types of training, including running sessions on uneven terrain, climbing sessions, muscle strengthening exercises and mountain walking to adapt to all types of terrain.

3. Find suitable trail shoes

Trail shoes are designed for rough terrain and wet surfaces, so it's important to invest in the right pair of trail shoes for your run. You will not throw your money away! Their studs allow better grip on rough terrain, a thicker sole for better foot protection, and a higher upper for better ankle support. A good pair will reduce the risk of injury.

4. Train on varied terrain

Trail races can include rocky trails, technical climbs and descents, so it's important to train in varied terrain to prepare for it.

5. Work on your stamina

Trail runs can be long and grueling, so it's important to work on your endurance. Gradually increase the distance and duration of your running workouts to prepare you for running long distances. Gradually build your endurance, do not increase distance or workout time too quickly, this can lead to injury or fatigue.

8. Practice effort management

It can be tough, so it's important to know how to manage your effort during the race. Learn to listen to your body and adjust your pace according to your level of fatigue. It is important not to overwork yourself, to run at your own pace, to not hesitate to walk on the most difficult sections, this will allow you to finish the race in better shape.

January 24, 2023